Just 2 minutes from the ring road, This villa is secured for 24 hours in a quiet and calm place with a short distance to the beach and a number of restaurants and bars.


There is plenty of light shining throughout the villa, it has 2 floors so it can have a better view of the sea and all around.

The villa has its own private car park as you walk into the villa it leads straight to the living room.While on the one one side there is a kitchen on the left side there is guest room and a bedroom. Going to down to the ground floor  there is another living area which is outside and you can relax with a swimming pool there too. On each side of the second living area there is a bedroom. The master room contains a bathroom and a shower which opens up to the deck and pool on one side and the garden on the other making it a pleseasnt room to stay in. Also there are 2 large storage rooms. 

The villa is located in a remotely quiet place making it easy relax comfortably.