Off Plan Investments


All of our developments are off plan properties. We choose to only offer our clients off plan properties because our years of research and involvement within the property industry in Thailand have shown us that these are the investment types that will yield the biggest returns for our clients.

What is an Off Plan Property?

An off plan property is effectively a property that you are purchasing based on seeing its plans, because the property build hasn’t been completed yet. This is a very common practice in Asia, and is also becoming an increasingly common practice in the UK too. Buying a property before it is completed generally means the purchaser (or investor) is allocated a significant discount, which is what makes this kind of property purchase so attractive. Purchasing an off plan property in Thailand also generally only requires a relatively small deposit, meaning that if your asset rich but with restricted access to your funds then this is also an ideal investment opportunity. Buying a property off plan can seem massively daunting, because it can be very difficult to visualise what you are actually purchasing, but the benefits of doing so by far outstrip any small risks.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing Property Off Plan?

There are a myriad of advantages to buying your investment property off plan in Thailand. The main benefit is the potential for financial gain; most buildings will gain considerable value once they have been completed, meaning that you are much more likely to make a fast return on your original investment. Generally the purchase price you pay for off plan property is much lower than the market value of already constructed surrounding properties: for short term investors then , these kinds of properties are ideal as you can make a profit simply by selling your property as soon as it is constructed. Other benefits of purchasing off plan property is that you can be involved in the final fitting of the building and have it constructed to suit your exact specifications: no matter what your tastes or budget, your fixtures and fittings can be modified to suit you before you move in.

The advantages of buying an off plan property in Koh Samui, then , are huge. That’s not to say that there aren’t disadvantages to buying off plan, but these are certainly not financial disadvantages: when you haven’t seen a property there is always a small chance that you won’t like it, or that it won’t look how you might have expected when you constructed it in your imagination. But given your main priorities when purchasing a property for investment purchases are the kinds of returns it will yield if you choose to rent it, and it’s potential resell value, these small potential aesthetic concerns really do become nothing more than minor niggles.



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