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Managing a construction project can be extremely tricky, even when making minor changes to your own home, it can become very stressful. So the thought of organising a major construction project within a foreign country will put off most as the idea of putting together such a task can seem very frightening. Well it doesn’t have to be! JKO Property Investments provides a FREE CONSTRUCTION CONSULTATION SERVICE that will equip you with the knowledge and information you need to ensure your Koh Samui construction project runs smoothly. We match your building project with the correct company  according to your needs. All of whom who will meet the same high standards that you can expect from all JKO Property Investments services.

Our Construction Services construction

JKO Property Investments can help with all requirements regardless of the size of building project, from minor alterations to full property construction. We provide anything from a simple recommendation on the best Koh Samui construction companies to complete project management. We can also offer advice on comparing quotes, preparing for building work, working with your builders and tackling any issues that might arise during construction. Our consultation service is completely free and independent, so you can rely on us to provide honest, reliable answers to all your questions.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining quotes on your behalf from our handpicked list of service partners in Koh Samui
  • Assistance with project planning, building regulations and getting architectural drawings made
  • Recommendations for reputable Koh Samui builders or Koh Samui construction companies
  • Advice on comparing quotes and understanding your Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Tips for a successful construction project, including sourcing an independent project manager and dealing with delays or other problems on site
  • Full villa and condominium construction project management. We can also advise on or manage other building work, including hotel construction, property refurbishments, landscaping, drainage work, and swimming pool construction.

Why Use Our Consultation Service?

Managing construction work in another country can be difficult. On top of the time differences and language barriers, there are important building regulations to consider, and the same kinds of issues can arise with construction companies in Thailand as they do elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are construction companies  who operate in an unethical manner, quoting higher prices for foreign investors or failing to live up to the expected standard of workmanship. We ensure that you avoid such mistakes!

Even when you have a reliable builder, it can still help to have a local expert who can guide you through the construction process and be on hand to deal with any complications. We have the local knowledge and experience to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly and turns out as expected. We ensure that you  find the right team for your project and ensure that your budget and deadlines are respected.

If you are planning any kind of construction work, get in touch to schedule a free independent consultation with one of our experts at JKO Property Investments. We will advise you on every aspect of construction in Thailand, recommend the best Koh Samui building companies, or even provide full project management for your building work.

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