JKO Property Investments Commits to Helping the Mercy Centre

May 07, 2021 / 01:27:57 PM

How Your Investment Helps Keep a Child in School

At JKO Property Investments we don’t just enable our clients to invest in real estate in Koh Samui. We believe that every business has a responsibility to give back to the community that supports it. We do this by investing in something more than the properties we develop. We invest in the future by sponsoring a local child for every unit we sell.

img_7866Investing in Your Future

JKO Property Investments can help you to make the most of the many development opportunities in Koh Samui. Foreign investment is very important to Thailand and its growing economy, so it is relatively straightforward for overseas buyers to invest in real estate. However, local experience always counts when you are buying property and we can guide you through the process. Although our main goal is to provide you with the best real estate investment, we find that many of our clients want to be sure that they are choosing the most ethical investment too. When you choose JKO Property Investments, you won’t just be investing in your own future. You will also be investing in the future of a child in Thailand.

Investing in Education

JKO Property Investments participates in a wide range of community and charity events in Koh Samui, but our biggest commitment is to the educational charity the Mercy Centre. We have pledged to make a donation to this charity for every unit that we sell in our developments. If you invest a property, JKO Property Investments will make a donation to sponsor a child. Sponsorship can cover the food, housing, healthcare and educational costs for that child for one year.


We provide this sponsorship through the Mercy Centre, an organisation that is very close to the heart of our director, Ryan Jackson. “In the past I have taken part in charity events in order to raise money to help benefit this excellent organisation, which has been working in Thailand since 1973. So we wanted to help further by making a long term commitment to guarantee the welfare of the children that it supports”. The Mercy Centre provides a range of services for the poorest communities in Bangkok, including housing, healthcare and education for the children in need. The Mercy Centre has sponsored thousands of children through primary and secondary school, then on to vocational college or university. Through this organisation, we have been able to provide homes and educations for many children and we hope to sponsor many more in the future.

When you invest in real estate through us, you are also investing in the bright future that sponsorship through the Mercy Centre can create for a child in need and for the wider community. You are enabling a child to stay in school, and perhaps to go on to become a teacher, a nurse, or a local business owner in the future.

To find out more on how you can help this amazing cause please contact us today info@jkopropertyinvestments.com


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